Hi Framers,

Most of the posts are about bugs in FM 9, but I've been slow in
migrating our documentation team to FM 8. I've installed the patches, so
now we're running Ver. 8.0p277.

The most serious problem we've encountered is with conditional text.
When a paragraph is conditionalized and you press enter, the next
paragraph continues to be conditionalized, but the current paragraph
mark changes to unconditional. This is with all files, even new files
created from scratch in FM8, and on three different computers (two with
TCS and one with a straight FM8 installation). When working in FM7 (and
previous versions), pressing enter causes the next paragraph to be

I don't care whether or not the next paragraph is conditionalized or
unconditional by default, since I can see the color of the text. But if
the text of the current paragraph remains conditional, but the paragraph
mark changes to unconditional, it is difficult to notice -- and it
quickly screws up the document!

The other problem we have is with our arrowhead bullets. Someone
suggested that I delete the bullet from the Autonumber Format, then
insert it again with the ANSI code. I tried this, but the situation
remains the same: the wrong symbol is used. 
In fact, when I try to manually insert the symbol in a line of text,
both with the ANSI code (0216) and with the key sequence (Esc % y), the
same wrong symbol appears.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Menahem Rosen

Senior Technical Communicator

Objet Geometries

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