I have just done a test in both FM8 and FM9 and confirmed that format 
change lists are correctly applied even in an element that assigns a 
paragraph format. The order of the format rules in such cases is important. 
Make sure that the rule that applies the paragraph format precedes the one 
that applies the format change list--otherwise the paragraph format will 
reset all properties specified in the format change list.

At 01:04 AM 4/1/2009, Wim Hooghwinkel - idtp wrote:
>FM9, WindowsXP -
>for a docbook-XML based application I have to modify the EDD. In most cases
>I use Paragraph Tags for formatting. Now I noticed that a Format Change List
>doesn't work on elements that have been assigned a paragraph tag. (I want to
>generally indent the contents of a container element without having to
>define all new para tags). The Format Change lists works with elements that
>don't have a special tag applied (i.e. Body). I've never encountered this
>before, or didn't notice it, is it normal behaviour? (I didn't try to
>reproduce in FM8 yet, I work on site and my client only has FM9 installed)
>Kind regards, vriendelijke groet,
>Wim Hooghwinkel
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