Thanks for everyone's advice - it was all very much appreciated.

In the end I decided to follow Jona's advice, and added a background
text frame in the master pages containing the chapter number with the
chapter number variable formatted to 20% grey. I've had to tweak the EDD
a little also, but this appears to be the least labour-intensive method.

Thank you again!



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You could create a drop shadow effect by adding another background text
frame behind the text frame containing the chapter number with the
chapnum variable in it formatted to for example a light grey. THen shift
this text frame down and to the left or right a step or two. That would
approximate a shadow effect.

I don't have FM open now, so maybe it'll look like total crap, but it
might be worth a shot, and would be easier than creating custom graphics
for lots of chapter numbers.



On Apr 3, 2009, at 8:21 AM, Tracy Penn wrote:


        Does anyone know how to add a shadow to the text in a chapter
title in
        Framemaker 7.1?

        My company wants an automated chapter number in one size with a
        and a smaller size chapter title without a shadow on the same

        I think I've figured out how to have different sized chapter
number and
        title on the same line, but I can't for the life of me see how
to add a

        Please help! 
        P.s. We use Verdana font

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