Hi Joseph,

Recommended resources for the FM ACE exam:

- Review every thing in the Adobe FrameMaker user guide.
   Make sure you understand everything in it.

- Carefully review the Product Proficiency Exam Bulletin for FrameMaker,
   There will be a question on your exam on every topic listed.

You said:
?I have been using
FrameMaker for over a year now and I am an expert level?

It is a pretty difficult to be an expert at FrameMaker after one year.
It usually takes several years of template-design experience, and  
weird problems solved in strange trenches to become an expert.

But hey, why not go for it. You will learn a lot in the process.

By the way, I don't think the exam for FrameMaker 9 is out yet.

Good luck!
Mary Ann
Hikari Publishing

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