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Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 13:33:47 -0400
From: "Laurie Little" <>
Subject: searching for article in front of a variable
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Frame 7.2
I have a variable (government ministry of health shortform) that affects
article in front of it. Each province has a different shortform. When I
change the variable, the article may be affected.

For example, in the Ontario doc, it's "an MOH bill", while in New
it should be "a DHW bill".

Is there any way to search for "a <var name>" or "an <var name>", or do I
have to just search for all instances of that variable to check the article
in front of it?


Laurie Little
Words That Work


I have the same situation in one of my file sets. I use two variables named
"article" (used most of the time, when the article should be lowercase) and
"Article" (used when the article starts a sentence or heading). The Frame
file would read "<article> <var name>" instead of  "a <var name>" or "an
<var name>". My template documents define the articles correctly for the
definition of the variables and all are imported at the same time when I
change from one output to another.

Hope this helps,

Beverly Robinson

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