For the effort they put into redesigning their user interface, I would 
have massively preferred that they hold off on the eye candy and 
addressed more fundamental problems with the application. However, as a 
user, what I prefer isn't what Microsoft normally listens to. All of 
that work could have been applied to revamping the way numbering works, 
or how they apply styles, or how their multi-file function doesn't work. 
Or on stabalizing the program for large files.

They didn't. So I am not particularly inclined to congratulate them for 
making all the eye candy, and in the process making it more difficult to 

Your opinion and mine are diametrically opposed. I think that you will 
find the camps firmly established and have little cross-over.


Callie Bertsche wrote:
> *Slightly off-topic*
> For the record, although I agree that FM is far and away the more
> professional and versatile tool for extended publications, I have been
> won over to MS Word's ribbon. I also used to think of it as unintuitive
> - but after watching the video below and studying their UI design, I
> think that the steep learning curve and alternate way of thinking are
> the rough part, but after you learn to think of the tools visually
> rather than textually, the ribbon becomes more powerful than the older
> menus, and intuitive. Some will say that if you need a video or other
> training to understand the ribbon, it is not intuitive; rather, I think
> that we can use a video, training, or working with the ribbon long
> enough to shift our thinking from primarily textual to primarily visual.
> As a mac user first and always (when not at work), I still applaud MS
> for thinking outside the box on this one.
> Intriguing video (click on one of the "Story of the Ribbon" links on
> this blog):
> <
> n.aspx>
> Cheers and in good humor,
> Callie Bertsche
> Tecplot, Inc.
>>> Message: 19
>>> Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 11:41:03 -0600
>>> From: "Spectrum Writing " <SpectrumWriting at>
>>> Subject: RE: Any up to date comparisons of Word and Frame
>>> As for 2007 - I agree about how non-intuitive the ribbons are, which
> just
>>> adds to the time. Finding a command that was once one click, maybe two
>>> clicks at most is now three to four, if it's even where you would
> expect to
>>> find it, is the norm with this blasted ribbon.
>>> My two cents worth,
>>> TVB
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