Thanks Cathy,

I've got quite a few rows throughout a very long FM document, so I want to 
be sure I haven't missed any of it.

I don't have links where the conditions are used, so I luckily I haven't 
encountered the crashing problem.

Does anyone have a way of searching for these rows?

Thanks very much,

"Cathy Arthur" <carthur at> 
15/04/2009 13:23

"Lynn Durell" <Lynn.Durell at>

RE: Conditional table rows

Hi Lynn,

I make the conditional text a very noticeable colour in the definition
for the condition. Then it is easy to spot. 

I rarely use conditional text, so this may have been fixed. If you have
a conditional table row that contains a cross-link, and the row is
hidden, FM has a real tendency to crash.


Cathy Arthur

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Hi Framers,

I can search for text marked with a conditional text tag no problem, but

this doesn't find table rows that are marked with that condition. Can 
someone direct me in how to search for these rows?

Thanks very much,

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