Just charge "them" the time you spend (waste) on doing the job without the
right tools. I'm sure you will come up with a figure which is a multiple of
the price of MIF2Go (or even WebWorks ePublisher). Both MIF2Go and WebWorks
ePublisher are GREAT value for money.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, even when Jeremy is so generous as
to offer one. ;-)


Yves Barbion

On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 3:37 PM, Nancy Allison <maker at verizon.net> wrote:

> Jeremy wrote:
> > I just checked in the FM7 book Sarah O'Keefe wrote, and it
> > appears Webworks *Standard*, the one Nancy was "required"
> > to use, does not even support HTML Help at all. You'd have
> > to use the regular HTML output, then create the index, toc,
> > project file, alias and map files by hand, or at best do it
> > with HTML Help Workshop, which is almost as bad.
> Right you are! Webworks 7.0 Standard simply chops up the Framemaker file
> into HTML files at the level you specify (ChapTitle, Heading1, Heading2) and
> also saves all your graphics as .gif files with major color and pixellation
> problems (and also restores all scaled drawings to their original, in some
> cases immense, proportions).
> You then load all these files into HTML Help Workshop and manually create a
> TOC, which includes typing in a name for each book and topic (I have only a
> couple hundred HTML files, so this didn't take too long. Not in comparison
> to the project I have coming up, anyway . . . )
> Now I  am trying to find out why my Note, Caution, and Warning icon
> graphics have become as big as tablecloths and what I can do about them.
> I see so many things I could make so much better if I had the time and the
> right tools, but alas, it is not to be.
> But wait! Jeremy wrote:
> If the client is merely trying to save money by using a
> "free" tool, we'll *give* her a copy of Mif2Go. Nobody
> should have to go through that process to keep a job...
> -- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
> <jeremy at omsys.com> http://www.omsys.com/
> Jeremy, do you really mean it? I would be thrilled. I think I could
> convince them to accept it. I think.
> --Nancy
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