Eva Whitley wrote:

> Well, after literally hours of work, I've managed to trace the problem
> to a bad second level heading that was causing the re-set. However,
> fixing it meant trying to re-do the autonumbering on the headings, and
> just can't figure out how to structure the headings so Heading 1.1 in
> Section 2 re-sets as 1.1, not as 4.1 (there are three headings at that
> level in the first Section). I've asked my boss for the assistance of
> someone who has had FrameMaker training to try to fix the problem but
> accept that it's beyond me.

If each section of the book is a separate .fm file contained in a .book
file (and it should be), and if the autonumber settings of the pgf
formats themselves are correct, then the solution is simple: 

1) In the book window, select all the section files, and then select
Format > Document > Numbering. 

2) In the Numbering Properties dialog, click the Paragraph tab, select
Restart Paragraph Numbering, and click Set. 

3) At the bottom of book window, click the Update/Generate button.

Training is a great idea, but if your boss says there's no budget for
it, maybe they'll spring for a copy of Adobe's "FrameMaker Classroom in
a Book" (Google that title for lots of sources). You can educate
yourself pretty quickly by working through it (and maybe adding an FM
reference book or two to your bookshelf). 


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