Art Campbell wrote:

> I believe the security prompt is a function of the PDF viewer
> application -- Reader or Acrobat, and doesn't have anything to do with
> how the PDF is created. It may also be related to whatever security
> settings you have on your system or network, but in either case it
> doesn't have anything to do with Frame or how the PDF is created.

In Acrobat 7 Pro, there are some settings in the Trust Manager category
of Preferences that probably affect this, primarily the "Allow documents
to open other files and launch other applications" setting. The Internet
category of Preferences links to the Windows Internet Properties dialog,
so your system security settings could be a factor, too. 

> You may be able to twiddle your local Acrobat settings using the
> Security Tools --- in Acrobat 9, they're under the Advanced menu item
> and there may also be something under Preferences. But if you're
> trying to turn it off so others won't see the prompt, I doubt there's
> a way to do that.

And there shouldn't be! _I_ should have control over how secure my
computer is, not some random tech writer somewhere who authored that PDF
I'm reluctantly reading. ;-)


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