Forsooth, and if thy language dost ne'er evolv'd, henceforth thee
wouldst speaketh as the ancient Bard. Verily, the words of man must
changeth and groweth as the seasons change -- looketh upon all the
wordings which the Bard hast introduc'd into our speech. Woulds't thou
changeth all that?

(with apologies, but since yesterday was "Talk Like Shakespeare Day" in

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Buck it, Gene - buck it! 

This isn't just a matter of a new word gatecrashing the dictionary. This
is key grammar. 

The number of people who think that legalized bad grammar is a portent
of a crumbling civilization is kinda small, but it includes me; and if
we writers don't jump up and down about this, nobody will. Grammar =
expressivity. Replace sensible grammar rules with "ok, whatever" and you
limit people's ability to say *exactly* what they mean. 

By the way, I'm not jumping on Gene here, or whoever wrote the original
sentence - gramnmar is tough, time is short, and jargon happens. But
remember Gandhi - be the lexical change you want to see in the world!

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