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Thanks to all who responded. Apologies for the delay in replying; I
wanted to be sure the problem was solved, which seems to be the case.

Wayne's suggestion seems to be the one that works. FrameMaker wasn't
the only thing affected; it was just the first application I tried;
its history of screen redraw issues erroneously made it the first
usual suspect. Later, I noticed that the same redraw issues existed in
Windows XP under Fusion 2 with my memory settings.

I think the principle is something like:

The memory setting for VMware Fusion controls the guest operating
system's environment - XP, in this case, and the host platform - Mac,
in this case - manages the memory needs of the application(s) running
in the VMware Fusion environment, as if it were just another Mac

So, this may help me delay giving in to the hardware lust lurking in
me; I won't buy that 6GB RAM upgrade from Other World Computing right
away<G>! But, there's this attractive 7200 RPM replacement notebook
drive that's...

On my MacBook Pro laptop, although it's got 512 MB of VRAM, I thought
the problem might also involve the refreshing of its 17" screen with
its many pixels, so I also lowered the Windows display setting to
16-bit color from the default 32-bit. I haven't seen any graphics look
bad enough for me to try setting it back to 32-bit, yet.

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 4:24 AM, Wayne Brissette <waynefb at earthlink.net> 

> Peter:
> I would knock down the memory on the windows side. I know it sounds
> strange, but leaving it at 640 (the VM default) actually seems to work
> without any issues. Whereas when I increased it, it simply causes all
> sorts of odd issues similar to what you're seeing. That would be my
> first step at this point however.

>>Is it just me or my equipment, or payback for sins of my childhood?
>>I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who's having these problems, as
>>well as those who are using a similar setup and don't have the


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