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>Another route may exist through MIF2Go... I think you could set up an
>export to MIF, RTF, or HTML that would create break points on your
>DocTitle paratags. Generate a PDF of those files (probably using
>Acrobat's watched folders), and you're good.

Mif2Go doesn't split up MIF or RTF outputs, only HTML/XML outputs.
So you would need to convert to, say, HTML, then make PDFs of the
HTML files, either directly (using Acrobat, if it can do that, or 
another tool that does that), or indirectly (importing the HTML 
files to Frame or Word, and making the PDFs from there).  The 
Mif2Go part is easy, but the next step may require scripting of
some sort (JS, VBA, FrameScript) to avoid a lot of manual work.

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