Hi Fellow Framers

This post is actually directed toward the Adobe development team which I know 
monitors this list and more generally to anyone who might have information 
concerning the recent 230 patch for FrameMaker 9. This patch neutered my 
Paragraph and Character Designer. I have no building blocks and cannot access 
Commands in the Character Designer. This means I cannot develop new paragraph 
or character tags (of course I can always write in the building blocks). 

Also, it's my impression that FrameMaker 9 was developed for very specific work 
flows (such as using keyboard shortcuts as opposed to clicking icons). I have 
nothing against keyboard shortcuts; in fact, I use them frequently and 
consistently. But there are times when icons (specifically those provided by 
the Quick Access toolbar) are more convenient for me. The Quick Access toolbar 
disappears when only the book file is open, forcing me to use keyboard 
shortcuts for printing, spellchecking, etc. I find those shortcuts awkward. 

I use the unstructured version of FrameMaker so maybe these changes lend 
themselves more and were implemented for the structured document user.

There are other issues that I have come across while using FrameMaker 9 that 
don't come to mind just now, but that I recall worked much better and provided 
a much smoother workflow in FrameMaker 8. The Spellchecker comes to mind. There 
are certain ASCII characters such as the (?H) as in micro Henrys, that the 
FrameMaker 9 spell checker won't accept so I have to make accommodations for to 
get the spell checker to pass over them and continue spell checking the rest of 
the book. These were never a problem with FrameMaker 8. 

It seems that a good rule of thumb when developing upgrade software is that it 
should be at least as functional as the version it replaces. It just doesn't 
make sense to me to pay good money to give up functionality and ease of use.

My two cents.

Doug Mckinney

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