Joel wrote: 

> I don't see an option for CSV or Notepad in the list of options. I did
> comma separated values.
> Joel
> On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 3:14 PM, Matt Sullivan
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> > If by csv you mean Comma Separated Values, you should be prompted to
> > convert
> > to a table when using the File > Import > File command.
> >
> > Set the # of columns and other  options and you are done.

A CSV file is a plain text file. When you import one, the Unknown File
Type dialog's Convert From setting should already be Text. If it isn't,
select that. Then click Convert. In the Import Text File dialog, select
Convert to Table and click Import. In the Convert to Table dialog,
select the Table Format you want to use. The Treat Each Paragraph As
settings should already default to A Row with Cells Separated By Tabs.
Set Heading Rows appropriately (probably 1), and if the CSV file doesn't
start with a record of field names, check Leave Heading Rows Empty. Then
click Convert. 


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