Once more, this time with content!

For your?technical manuals, what?is your preferred set of cross-reference 

I'm setting up a template and am trying to figure out a way to avoid having to 
create multiple x-refs to accommodate different punctuation. You know (x-ref is 
inside the underscores):

---See __Appendix D,?"Frying Pans and Toasters,"__? for more information. 
(X-ref includes comma inside quotation marks)

---For more information, see __Appendix D,?"Frying Pans and Toasters."__ (X-ref 
includes period inside quotation marks)

---[Inspiration fails me, but I am sure there's a similar example that does not 
use any punctuation within the quotation marks]

If I create only one x-ref format, using only one kind of punctuation, most 
nimble tech writers will be able to construct nicely flowing sentences to 
employ it. Right?? 

Or, I could decree that we never quote the titles of?referenced sections, and 
omit any punctuation:

---For more information, see __Appendix D__.

But I think that's a lousy solution: I don't want to omit a descriptive title 
just because it's a pain to set up the x-ref formats for it.

What is your solution?

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