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> I think you need to have at least formats for referring only to the numbered 
> bit (e.g., Appendix D) as well as the entire title with number (e.g. Appendix 
> D,?"Frying Pans and Toasters.")
> The biggest issue with the second format is if the text being cited includes 
> punctuation itself.
> My preference would be to exclude terminal punctuation from the text and 
> allow the writers to add it as needed in constructing their sentences 
> including the references.
> I would also omit the quotation marks from the XRef formats and instead 
> italicize (or bold) the text being cited (including the numbered prefixing 
> info) to help it stand out from the surround paragraph and give your writers 
> the maximum flexibility with a minimal number of formats to insert in their 
> content.
> ? Les Smalley

As usual, Les has hit the nail! It's a good solution unless your style
guide is iron-clad in its support of the common usage of enclosing
quoted material in double quotes. Although these citations are quotes,
they are also source names; it's common to use italics or other
emphasis property to identify source names, such as these heading

I'd add the suggestion that you create a uniquely-named character
format, for example, "head_cite," that applies only the unique text
properties to the referenced material; this makes it easy to modify
the appearance, if necessary, without affecting "Emphasis, bold" or
other defined character formats.



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