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>I believe an option within MIF2Go allows you to automagically impose a
>template of your choice on a book, so the conversion between multiple
>output types is transparent. Haven't played with it in a while,
>though, but I think it's still there...

Yes, it is.  It applies the templates just for that conversion,
not permanently.  It does this "automagic" <g> by saving the .fm
file (if it has been edited) first, then applying the template, 
saving as MIF, and finally closing the original .fm file without 
saving to discard the template changes from it.  Mif2Go then
proceeds with the conversion using the MIF.  So you never forget
to apply a template.  ;-)

It also does updates and generates the book before conversions,
if you set it to.  Those changes *do* persist.


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