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The default FM9 DITA support doesn't provide any special handling of 
bookmap toc elements. Your only viable option is to add the TOC to the 
book after you've built it and then update it.

Our DITA-FMx 1.1 plugin offers support for automatic generation of all 
of the booklist elements. You just use a bookmap, then add the booklist 
elements that you need. If you've enabled the "Replace List Files with 
Generated Files" option, when you run the map to book command the list 
files will all be set up properly. (You also need to configure an INI 
file and add the necessary templates for each generated list type.) You 
can download the trial here ..


Be sure to grab the DITA-FMx 1.1 beta since that's the version that 
supports bookmap and all of the DITA 1.1 features.



Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Bertrand Lefort wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a new user of Framemaker. We are currently implementing Framemaker and 
> DITA to manage or systems documentation for users.
> I have a question concerning the creation of complete book structure with 
> cover page, TOC, content... 
> I found one way with standard ditamap but it seems that bookmap would be 
> better for us, I cannot figure how to use it.
> 1) Using the documentation, we found a first way to do it : We built a first 
> complete documentation with success using ditamap and ditaval to create a 
> composite FM documents. Then we created a book and add the file, add a cover 
> page (unstructured) and a TOC (unstructured). Everything seems to works well, 
> we will have to rebuild the composite FM documents each time we make an 
> update to a concept or a file. Ok
> 2) I use FM 9, which comes with bookmap. In the concept, bookmap seems 
> perfect for us, but I do not really understand how to use it. I can create a 
> bookmap, set a title, define parts, chapters, add references to my file. I 
> found the structure great because attributes allows us to add metadata for 
> this book. After this point I do not understand where to go:
> - TOC : I found that I can add a frontmatter, then a booklist and then a TOC. 
> Fm requires a file for the toc. 
> - creating my first book with bookmap : I have no idea what is the next step. 
> When I create the FM composite document, FM use the same template 
> (topic.template I think) and create a XML DITA file but I lost all the 
> information of my bookmap.
> I was in the idea that I will have a more complex structure that will 
> integrate DITA structure inside a book structure which will have its own 
> template to output title, chapters information ... but it seems it does not 
> work like that.
> Can someone help me to find the right path ?
> Thank you for your help.
> Bertrand
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