As Shlomo points out, this is a known characteristic of FrameMaker, and you 
can't change it without using a Framescript-based solution. If you need a quick 
kludge to get you out of this production cycle, and you're going to PDF output 
only, you can work around this by selecting the Link tool in Acrobat and 
manually stretching the affected links across the TOC entry. Obviously, this is 
not something to adopt as a long-term fix, but it can get you out of the lurch 
if they need it this week.


theboggette wrote:
> Greetings.
> I have a set of documents that have superscript characters in the Heading1
> levels.  When I convert to PDF, any Heading that has a superscript is not a
> link in the TOC of the PDF.  The Heading shows up in the TOC, but you can't
> click on it to go to that page.
> I'm not sure if my settings are wrong in Frame, PDF, or what.  I'm using
> Frame 8 and Acrobat Professional 8 on Windows.
> Thoughts?
> Trish

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