Hi, everyone.

Is there a way to establish variables in the first file in your book file and 
have them carry through all the remaining files?

The appeal is, I establish book title, part number, and rev date variables on 
the cover page of my book; I then use those variables in the headers and 
footers of all the following chapters. It would be great to only have to set 
them up once, without even using the "Import Formats" function, through which I 
have come to grief more than once.

Is there a way to change the variables?in the Cover file (the first file in my 
book.fm) and have them carry over into all the remaining?book files, without 
having to do anything more?

I?know about the plug-in, "BookVars," but? I think someone mentioned a built-in 
capability in Frame along those lines.

Or did I dream that??



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