Hello Fellow Framers,

I thought Ian's instructions over at
http://www.sundorne.com/FrameMaker/Freeware/setPrint.htm were pretty
straightforward, but when I tried to follow them, my copy of FM9 (with
the TCS 2.0) isn't setting the default to Adobe PDF as it should.

I downloaded the SetPrint.dll into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe
Technical Communication Suite 2\Adobe FrameMaker 9\plugins, and created
a SetPrint.ini with the Printer=Adobe PDF line, but nothing seems to
have happened when I restart FM - my default printer inside FM is still
my network HP printer.

Anybody have any experience with SetPrint in FM 9? Does having the TCS
make any difference?

Jeff Coatsworth
Documentation Specialist
Gary Jonas Computing Ltd.
905-886-8511 (fax)
jeff dot coatsworth at jonassoftware dot com

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