I have a client who is using the new Framemaker 9.0 on her windows xp  
machine. She is trying to output a 30% spot color plus her black for  
the printer.
No matter whether we print to postscript or create a pdf directly, the  
color always comes out at 100 percent. We even tried building a new  
color as a tint and even that came out as 100%.
The only way we could get it to work is by actually distilling to  
separations and the color came out correct. However the printer wants  
composite pdfs and of course we are back to square one there.
Does anyone know if this is a bug, is there an update or plugin we  
need? Has anyone else encountered this?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Also, I sent this out earlier but seems the frame list was down.


Scott White
Media Production Manager
Implementation Coordinator
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