Hi all. I'm an independent contractor and consequently I pay for my own
software out of pocket. I've been cruising along with FrameMaker 6 for a
very long time, as well as an old version of RoboHelp, and I'm now thinking
of biting the bullet and buying the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2
(w/ Frame 9, RoboHelp 8, Photoshop CS4, etc). Since the software I already
have is quite old I'm not eligible for the "upgrade" pricing, nor am I
eligible for the academic version pricing. So I'm looking at $1900 to buy
the Suite through the Adobe web site. It'll be tax deductible of course, but
still, that's pricey.

Does anyone know of a less expensive place to buy the Suite?

Thanks much.

Dave Schleicher

Portsmouth, NH

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