we have intermittent problems with access to FM files stored on a
central file server (running Windows 2003 Server). When trying to open
a document, users get a FrameMaker popup like this:

You do not have read access to \\server\path\to\file.fm.

Investigating directly on the server, I found that in the Computer
Management console, System Tools, Shared Folders, Open Files, one of
the listed files is of the form \\server\path\to\file.fm.8AD (note the
file extension which seems to indicate a temporary file?), where the
"Open Mode" is "no access". This particular file is not shown in the
Windows Explorer.

I have asked our IT department for help, but I wonder if people on
this list may have had similar problems and can advise.? Usually, when
IT finally looks at the problem, the file has become accessible again

We're currently using FrameMaker 8.

Thanks for any and all help.


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