Where are the text boxes turning grey? In FM or in the HTML files?

If it's in FM, try going to File > Preferences > General. On the dialog box 
that appears, there's an option called Greek text smaller than. I have mine set 
to 7 pt. So anything smaller than 7 pt appears grey on the screen. You might 
have to adjust that to a smaller font size.


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> Subject: FM8 to HTML: Callouts convert to grey boxes
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> HI All,
> I need to develop the ability to convert from FM8 to HTML
> since FM doesn't 
> include WW standard. I have almost all the conversions
> built except for 
> the callouts in illustrations. I have to make the callouts
> greater than 12 
> pt. to keep them from turning into grey boxes. The majority
> of the text in 
> my manual is 10 pt. I tried to use the text line (A) and
> the text frame 
> with the same results. Is there a macro or something I can
> add that will 
> keep this from happening?
> Thank You,
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