Hi Jeremy,

I did a comparison of RH vs. Mif2Go at the beginning of the year, and the
biggest difference I found was that RH supported Natural Language search.
Does Mif2Go support that, or will it?


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> >Thanks very much indeed for the responses.
> >
> >I think we'll need to wait to ensure everyone is upgrading to the same
> >version then!
> >From what I've seen, here, on HATT, and on the TCS list itself,
> waiting is a very good idea IMHO.  Maybe waiting until Frame 10.0.  ;-)
> Look at all the posts from users, and you'll see what I mean.
> >Does ePublisher work in the same way as WebWorks, i.e. within the FM
> >
> >If we did go down the Tech Comm Suite route instead of ePublisher, can we
> >produce CHM files using RoboHelp? None of us here have used RoboHelp
> >before - would it be a steep learning curve to do this?
> You may also want to consider the third option, which has by far
> the lowest cost, and we think the best performance, Mif2Go.  Many
> former WWP users tell us migration is pretty easy; for example,
> Mif2Go can use the same TopicAlias markers that WWP used. YMMV,
> of course.  You can see for yourself how it works for you by
> downloading the free unlimited demo version at:
>     http://www.omsys.com/dcl/download.htm
> Mif2Go produces a dozen output formats, including CHM and its
> own Open Source cross-platform cross-browser OmniHelp.  It also
> can convert UNstructured Frame to DocBook and DITA, allowing
> you the freedom to migrate to an XML editor if necessary.  Many
> very large enterprises are currently using it to do just that.
> And it's only $295 per seat, with steep quantity discounts, a
> significant factor in today's problematic economy.
> Finally, if anyone here is unemployed or underemployed, an
> academic (student, faculty, or staff), or a developer of FOSS
> (Free Open Source Software), Mif2Go is *free* for you.  Just
> send your name and email address to <offer at omsys.com>, with
> subject "Mif2Go", and we'll send a password and download
> instructions for the full registered version.  No proof is
> needed; we use the Honor System here.
> HTH!
> -- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
>   <jeremy at omsys.com>  http://www.omsys.com/
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