Two things to check:

First and foremost, are you doing an Update Book operation after you set the 
numbering properties in the book file? Any changes you specify in the book file 
are "staged" until the next time you do an Update Book, which is the only time 
that FrameMaker sequentially scans and updates the page and paragraph numbering 
in all the chapter files. 

Second, you need to examine the autonumber properties for the *other* paragraph 
tags in your chapters in addition to the figure caption tag. Pay particular 
attention to the chapter title tag, which could be resetting the "F" numbering 
at teh start of each chapter regardless of the book-level "continue from 
previous file" setting. Look for any other paragraph tag that uses the "F:" 
label and has something like < =0> as the specified number format. (By way of 
explanation, the space after the opening angle bracket indicates that the 
autonumber should not display the value of this particualr numbering digit and 
the "=0" resets the counter value to 0 so that the first figure caption will 
increment the value to 1.)

-Fred Ridder

> From: emhoffh at
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> Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 16:06:50 -0500
> Subject: Auto-numbering figures across files
> Hi!
> I am having a heck of a time trying to get my figure numbering to increase 
> across files in a book. For example, in chapter 1, if my last graphic was 
> Figure 1, then in chapter 2 when when I insert the caption for my first 
> figure, I want it to be labeled Figure 2. I have set the Document Properties 
> for Paragraph Numbering to "Continue from Previous File in Book" but that is 
> not helping; in every chapter, the figure numbering is starting over again.
> The Autonumber Format is turned on for my Caption paragraph tag as: F:Figure 
> <n+>.\sn
> I don't understand what I'm missing here. The autonumbering should allow you 
> to have a cumulative figure number throughout the book, shouldn't it?
> Please help me if you can! Thanks!
> (I'm using FrameMaker 8 and the unstructured formatting.)
> Heidi A. Emhoff
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