I would appreciate any help or advice about  an issue I have just
noticed with FrameMaker under Windows. I am using version 9 under Vista,
but I have checked that what I describe here also applies to versions 6
through 8 under XP.

I need to create a table with white horizontal ruling lines and black
borders around the entire table. (The cells' background is in a shade of

*         If I select a single line for the black border, the white
horizontal ruling lines are drawn completely across the vertical border

*         If I select a double line for the border, the white horizontal
lines are superimposed by a pixel or two over the first vertical border
line. This superposition is more evident when the document is printed to

In both cases the table general appearance is strange to say the least.

Is there a way to draw white ruling lines that do not cross the table
border lines? 

Thank you very much,

Fernan M. Dominguez



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