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>> In structured FrameMaker, how do I control the flow of the data so that I
can import all 3 xml files into the same FrameMaker template and automate it
so that the back page data flows into the correct back page master page?<<

You should be able to control Master page usage by using attributes and the
'Apply Master page' table on the reference page.

First, in your XML, set an attribute (on a top level element) to identify
the different XML versions. Then create a row in the Master Page Table on
your reference page that links the back page data (should be a recognizable
element that starts the back page data) start element (or, depending on how
your template is organized, paragraph format) to the back page Master Page.
When you do this for each XML version, in the 'context' column you can add
the attribute value (same syntax as used in EDD) to identify the proper
version of your XML and in the Master Page column set the name of the
corresponding back page Master Page.


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