I  might be getting a new laptop soon.
If so, it will run on Windows 7.

I am currently using
Acrobat 7
Frame 7.2
ePro Publisher Version 9.2

At the moment these applications are sufficient for my requirements.

My questions are:
1. Do the above applications run OK on Windows 7
2. Are these really very old versions, or are there other people who are
also using these versions of the software? (I use the ePro Pub to create 3
or 4 help files about twice a year).
3. I am a lone tech writer in a company who like everyone else has budget
constraints, which I why I did not upgrade, but is there anything which I
really should upgrade?
4. Will I expect any problems reinstalling them on a new computer?
5. I also have all sorts of Frame add-ons ranging from the Archive utility
to Table Cleaner will they all work?
6. Any other tips and hints about moving computers (I am concerned, as I
have made all sorts of customizations etc to my configuration and probably
can hardly remember how I did it all)

Thanks for the assistance

Carrie Baker
carriebak at gmail.com

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