I know you can automatically assign master pages to specific elements.  So if 
you have a backmatter element, then you can assign the backmatter master page 
to that element.  I forget whether that auto-master page feature is sensitive 
enough to respond to attributes.  (I don't have Maker running today, so I won't 
check.) If it is, then you can assign the correct attribute based on the fund 
you're processing, and let it go at that.

Failing that, you could always set up three separate FrameMaker XML 
applications, which are identical except for the template they use.  When you 
read in the XML, you will get a dialog box that gives you the choice of those 
three.  Choose which one you want and viola.  

If you want super automation (you're doing these in a batch that you don't want 
to attend), you could set an attribute in the root element, and a simple Maker 
API plugin could determine which template to use as it reads the XML...  Maybe 
an automatic version of the option above.

There may be other options...

In structured FrameMaker, how do I control the flow of the data so that
I can import all 3 xml files into the same FrameMaker template and
automate it so that the back page data flows into the correct back page
master page?

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