Thanks, Dov, didn't know. I thought that if you have Acrobat installed
on the printing end, that covered the license issues.

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Such use of Acrobat (use of Distiller on one system to create PDF from 
PostScript generated on another system sent directly over the network)
is in direct violation of the Acrobat End User License Agreement.

You need a server version of Distiller for this purpose.

        - Dov

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> You must have at least Acrobat installed in the UK with the Acrobat
> printer driver. After that, it's just network issues.
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> Has anyone tried creating PDFs from FrameMaker 9 (XP Pro) across a
> network? We need to try Acrobat 9 Standard, which is on a machine in
> UK. How does one create PDF printer settings for another server? They
> don't have FM there.
> Mystified in Michigan

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