Hi Jacob

Thank you for your reply.

I don't want to select the "Convert CMYK Colors to RGB" option. In fact, I
never want to "convert" colors, because I think that "converting colors"
gives unpredictable results and is therefore a bad idea. Remapping colors,
using tools like Enfocus PitStop, works better. So, if I use CMYK in Frame,
I want CMYK in my PDFs as well, but that's a different (Windows GDI) issue.

Yves Barbion

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 4:33 PM, Jacob Sch?ffer <js at grafikhuset.dk> wrote:

> Unfortunately the "Save As PDF" function in FM9 has some problems with the
> font handling engine. Sometimes this function substitutes fonts that
> actually are available on the system, and sometimes other weird things
> happen.
> Also unfortunately, this is the only way to preserve CMYK colours in placed
> TIFF images, since *printing* to PDF does NOT work this way. Printing to
> does not cause the same font problems, however, and since you want "Convert
> CMYK Colors to RGB" turned on you might print to PDF instead.
> Printing is *much* faster than "Save As PDF" (which is hopelessly slow).
> Btw, the "Save As PDF" function implements PostScript more or less as of
> the
> FrameMaker Unix version, but printing to PDF uses Windows GDI for the same.
> So, there IS a huge difference between the two "to PDF" routes (this is new
> in FM9).
> Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
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> Emne: FM9: Unable to create PDF when "Convert CMYK Colors to RGB" is not
> selected
> Hi group
> Has anyone seen the following problem:
> Using FM9p250, save the FM file as PDF:
>   - With the option "Convert CMYK Colors to RGB" selected, the PDF gets
>   generated but the clipping path in EPS graphics is gone (the bounding box
>   gets a white background even when the Fill pattern is set to none).
>   - With the option "Convert CMYK Colors to RGB" not selected, the PDF
>   cannot be generated and the following error message appears "maker:
>   Unknown exception caught in EnumerateFonts routine. Please Restart your
>   machine."
> Thanks.
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> Yves Barbion
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