Hi, all. 

With regard to structured FrameMaker, I am very late to the party. In fact, I 
have never used it yet. There's a good chance I'll be asked to investigate 
whether it would be useful to my current client. I thought I'd get a head start 
on the issues by asking for information from people who have made the switch. 
Here are my questions:

--What was your documentation situation? (How many product lines, how many 
publications, how much single-sourcing, how much translation?)

--Why did you (or your manager) decide that it was time to switch to structured 
documentation? What kind of limit had you reached?

--What kinds of output do you create from structured FrameMaker? 

--Has structured FrameMaker made your work easier or more efficient? Has it 
improved the responsiveness or quality of your documentation?

Feel free to tell me something else, if my questions don't address your 

Thanks for all responses.


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