This (odd graphics resetting to 100%) is happening in my files, too.
WinXP Pro/3, TCS2...Kelly.

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Lynn Durell wrote:
> Hi,
> I sent this query yesterday (see below) but I haven't had any
> Can someone just confirm to me if it didn't get through, or it's just
> no one has experienced this?!
> Thanks,
> Lynn
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> Graphics scale resetting to 100% when I open file
> Hi,
> I'm experiencing a strange issue when I open my frame file.
> My frame file contains about 20 graphics, all of them are pngs
imported by 
> reference. When I've imported each graphic, I've set the DPI, e.g.
> This all works fine.
> When I open the file, one or two of the graphics in the file are
> resetting to a scale of 100% and when I go to Graphics > Object 
> Properties, I can't re-set the DPI as it's now greyed out.
> It doesn't happen every time I open the file and I can't see a
> I'm creating a PDF from the file, but I'm not sure if that's related
> not.
> Is this a known FM bug?
> We're running FM 7.1on Win XP.

Hi Lynn,

Yes, I saw your message on the list yesterday.  I have not seen this 
behaviour (using FM 7.0).  I *have* seen the dpi setting on a graphic 
change to "unknown", which happens if you resize a graphic by dragging 
the object handles.  But I haven't seen the dpi button become disabled 
because of it.


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