I did a quick Google, and it looks like it can be done, although not in
Frame. It's highly code-intensive, and if I understand correctly, it
requires a fair bit of knowledge of Java. Good luck!

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> Subject: controlling Flash behavior using links in a PDF
> Everyone,
> I have an idea for a tutorial but I'm not sure that it is technical
> possible. My goal is to create a tutorial in which explicit instructions
> are on the LHS of a page and a flash file is on the RHS that plays
> through the instructions. The user would click step 1 (or perhaps a
> 'Begin' link) to begin the tutorial and the tutorial would play all the
> way through to the end if the user doesn't interrupt it. If the user
> decides to interrupt it, for example, to replay step 4, the user would
> click Step 4 in the LHS, the flash file would navigate to some bookmark,
> begin playing step 4, and continue playing to the end unless the user
> again chooses to interrupt it. Icing on the cake would be that each step
> in the LHS would be highlighted or marked in some way when it is being
> shown in the Flash file.
> I know some of this is typical Flash behavior-click a link to launch a
> flash file. However, my question is, can hyperlinks be set up so that
> they start a flash file at a location besides the beginning? Can a flash
> file even be bookmarked? Right now, I'm using FrameMaker 9.0 (windows XP
> Pro) and plan to embed a flash file into an FM document to see whether
> this can be done.. Is FM even the right tool to be using for this?

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