"Lots of time" might be overstating it. Every new tool requires time to 
learn and set up.  Getting working help from Mif2Go doesn't take very 
long at all -- maybe a couple of days to figure out what you need to do, 
and then do it. Customizing the output to your presferences takes 
longer. With Mif2GO you do have scripting options, so you can take your 
customizations as far as you want -- which needs time, it's true.

I agree that Mif2GO requires a better grasp of CSS and HTML. If you're a 
documentation professional charged with generating Help, you should be 
familiar with these technologies.

Matt Sullivan wrote:
> If you have lots of time, but little budget (and a bit of inner-techie),
> MIF2GO seems to be quite an elegant solution. 

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