I have a table that consists of multiple rows.  Each row of the table 
represents a specific condition.   I currently have endnotes that 
appear at the end of the table. The first instance of each endnote is 
added via Special > Endnote, there after I insert a cross-reference if 
. It should be noted that I want each "letter" to represent a different 
occurance of the end noted item. The problem that I am having is that 
when I turn the certain conditions off i.e., the instance that 
"defined" the endnote may or may not be included in the resulting 
document with conditions applied.

I am sure I could remedy this via a separate table for each condition 
but that would mean more work trying to maintain the multiple tables.  
If  for example I need to add another colum in the future I would have 
to do it for each table. The other option I considered is making a 
separarate set of endnotes for each condition.  The downside of that is 
that if all of the endnotes labeled "2" needed to be updated I would 
have to go through them manually and fix them.

I have tried the update references but it does not allow for starting 
or adjusting the numbering for those end notes that are not needed due 
to the conditions eliminating them.

Sample Table

CondtionA 1
ConditionA 2
ConditionA 1
ConditionB 2
ConditionC 1

1 This is endnote 1
2 This is endnote 2

I get :

ConditionB 2

2 This is endnote 2


ConditionB 1  (This was 2 but since 1 is not used as a condition it 
should be adjusted to 1

1 This is endnote 1 (This is actually the text for 2 but reads 1 since 
it is the first condition.

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