Andersen, Verner wrote:

> The graphics frame is placed above the insertion line.
> I include a where you see the anchoring position.
> The sidehead i the h4 (heading 4). As long as you have a sentence
> the h4 there is no problem. It only occurs when the screen shot comes
> immediately after the h4.

For the benefit of others, I'm copying this to the lists. 

The problem is the alignment of your heading 4 (the side head pgf). On
the Pagination tab of Paragraph Designer, Side Head - Alignment is set
to First Baseline. That means the h4 aligns itself to the bottom edge of
the first line of the following pgf (figure body). 

By default, an inline anchored frame's Distance Above Baseline setting
is 0.0 points. So the bottom edge of the side head and the bottom edge
of the anchored frame are aligned, causing the frame to extend above the
side head. 

The fix is easy: change heading 4's Side Head - Alignment setting to Top
Edge. Since its font size is the same as your body text's, this should
make no difference when a heading 4 is followed by body text. 

Just for future reference, you can set an inline anchored frame's
Distance Above Baseline to a negative number. So, it would also be
possible to fix this problem by tweaking that setting to around -136 pts
(the height of the frame minus the height of the line it's in). But that
would obviously be a manual and fussy, frame-by-frame process, so I
mention it just as an FYI. 


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