Not to beat this horse much further into the ground, but why would I place a 
callout to an item in a graphic outside the frame containing the graphic?

Obviously, if I place the callout outside the frame containing the 
illustration, there is not binding of the callouts and the illustration. If I 
place the callouts inside the graphic frame containing the illustration I can 
then bind them together as one object, after grouping. Then I don't care what 
happens outside the graphic frame, everything in the frame stays together.

David Spreadbury
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If I understand the original poster's process, importing a graphic
with an insertion point in text creates an anchored frame. This is why
the graphic flows with the text.

It shouldn't be necessary to group text lines or text frames with the
graphic in the anchored frame, for the callouts to move with the
anchored frame; the callouts just need to inside the anchored frame.
The best way to assure that they are is to be sure that the mouse
pointer is inside the boundary of the anchored frame when you drag the
callout, then release the mouse. To select the text frame callout,
press Ctrl when you point the mouse over the text frame; this changes
the cursor to a graphic pointer. When the text frame is selected, you
can release Ctrl and just drag the callout inside the anchored frame
boundary. You can position the callouts within the anchored frame by
dragging, or by selecting and using the arrow keys to move by one
pixel per key press, or use Shift+arrow keys to move by five pixels.



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