Given that Arial is a Microsoft font, I don't think Frame would have much to
do with whether it's there or not. I think the only fonts that show up with
Adobe products are Adobe fonts.

And on my W7 system, Arial Narrow roman, italic, and bold are there. Check
your font folder....

One thing that may have changed though, is how the font is named in
different OSs -- and that would ripple into how your FM tag calls fonts. If
your FM 8 tags are calling a font using an XP system name, and the font has
a slightly different system name under W7, that would affect how the tag's
font is defined.


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On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 11:50 AM, Galanter, Lea <
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> I just switched from Frame 8 to TCS2 and am starting down the road of
> converting my Frame files from Frame 8 to Frame 9. Everything converted
> fine, but when I created a PDF, all my headings (which are in Arial
> Narrow), became Times. I can't seem to fix this. I then changed my
> heading font to Arial, created a PDF, and it was fine.
> I did some research and it may be a Windows 7 problem. (The company just
> upgraded all its computers to Windows 7.) Or does Frame 9 not have Arial
> Narrow as one of the fonts for creating PDFs? It has the font otherwise
> for working with. I've never had this kind of problem before, so don't
> know if it's a Windows or Adobe problem, or how to fix it.
> Thanks.
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