I have a marker in an unstructured Frame 7 document. Its Frame marker type is 
"SpecialRules". I write a conversion table rule like this:

M:SpecialRules  |  marker[type=?specrules?]

I structure the document using the conversion table and the result is 

   type  =  specrules

which is correct.

I save the structured Frame doc to XML using my structured app and get error 
messages such as "Attribute 'type' does not match its defined enumeration. When 
I check the XML, I have this:

<marker type = "SpecialRules" text = "blah blah blah"/>

when I should have

<marker type = "specrules" text = "blah blah blah"/>

In my EDD/DTD, I have the element marker defined with a type attribute and one 
of the values of @type is qrst. Then I have a rule formatting markers with this 
attribute values as Frame marker type FmQRST.

    If context is: [type="specrules"]
       Use marker type:SpecialRules

I don't have any r/w rules that address marker attributes. I shouldn't think I 
need them, as I am not translating an attribute to any other attribute or 
translating values, etc.

Can someone explain why Frame is change the value of @type in a structured 
Frame file to the name of the corresponding Frame marker type in the XML 
instead of leaving the @type value as-is?


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