At 12:51 -0500 22/12/09, Stuart Rogers wrote:

>Looks perfectly normal (compared to a test file I just made).  Have you tried 
>typing something in the Correction box and clicking Correct? After that, I'm 
>out of ideas, sorry.

The suggested correction is the non-existent period following by one space and 
then the weird circle character. Accepting it does not change the on-screen 
text *or* clear the imaginary spelling violation. Entering some random text in 
the correction field and clicking 'Correct' has the same result - that is, 
nothing changes on screen and the imaginary condition doesn't clear.

I'm out of ideas too, but the book is on its way to press. I guess it just goes 
to prove that we come across something new every day, whether we like it or not.

At 14:06 -0800 22/12/09, Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:

>You *do* have an extra space after the period after the
>>   <String `.  '>

Yes - and this is present in the on-screen text too. Actually whatever is there 
is two invisible characters.

>You might try removing it in the MIF.  It might be something other than a 
>space, though it comes across as one in the email; try replacing both chars 
>with a real space.

Bravo, Jeremy... fixed. There must have been something lurking in the trailing 
'spaces' that didn't show up as invisibles in the text editor (nor was it 
removed either by zapping non-ASCII characters or zapping control characters).

Editing the FrameMaker file on screen to remove the trailing 'spaces' had the 
same effect, clearing the imagined spelling violation. It is of interest that 
the spell check stopped before the xref, although the troublesome characters 
followed it.

I guess Word is the culprit - as usual. Or poltergeists.


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