Framers, I've searched the archives and Adobe's Knowledgebase, and 
asked Dov, Schlomo, and Rick Q and am now querying your collective 
wisdom before I file a bug report or spend a half-day trying to talk 
to Adobe support overseas:

(all programs are part of TCS installed on a Win7 OS; all files are 
printed to Adobe PDF postscript printer driver and distilled)
FrameMaker v9.0p250
AcrobatProExtended v9.2.0
Adobe Distiller Pro Extended v9.2.0124

Bookmarks of document titles created in Frame9 containing em dashes, 
quotation marks, degree symbols, etc.,  fail to display the correct 
characters. Bookmarks of docs created in Frame7 do not have this 
problem. For instance,

Frame7: M-601 Hose, Wrapped, Air Brake, "End Hose"
Frame9: M-601 Hose, Wrapped, Air Brake, ,AuEnd Hose,Au

Frame7: M-619 Brake Cylinder Line Hose Assemblies-Performance Requirements
Frame9: M-619 Brake Cylinder Line Hose Assemblies,AiPerformance Requirements

I've determined that this is a Framemaker9 problem instead of an 
Acrobat9 problem.
~I created a document in Frame7 and distilled it in both Distiller 7 
and 9. The bookmarks display correctly. (Well, degree symbols don't 
display correctly, but that is a long-standing problem.)
~I created a document in Frame9 and distilled it in both Distiller 7 
and 9 and the bookmarks DO NOT display correctly in either PDF file.

Has anyone seen this problem on their Frame9 set-up? And fixed it?


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