adding to Pappy's response... i've noticed Frame doesn't like it when you bury 
files within multiple sub-folders. (i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\me\My 
 yet\almost there\here we go\

try unburying...

>>> "Pappy" <mrbassman at> 2/4/2009 11:25 AM >>>
>I am working on a 650-page document in unstructured FrameMaker 8. Due to the
>size of the document, its incredibly difficult for FrameMaker to execute
>book-wide commands, such as performing an update or generating the TOC.
>I have thought about splitting the document into two different books, but I
>need one integrated TOC.
>Does anyone have any suggestions that would make executing book-wide
>commands with a book this size easier?

Are you opening all the files in the book before you do the book-wide commands? 

650 pages isn't all that big. We have Frame book files that are nearly 3000 

Rick Henkel 

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