The problem may be your network, not a Frame issue at all. I have noticed at my 
location that if I am working with files on a network drive that the 
performance is way slower. For this reason, I work on a book on my local drive. 
At the end of the day I copy the folder with the book to the network directory 
as a backup. I always clear out (delete) the previous day's backup before 
copying to the network directory. I haven't had any performance issues doing it 
this way. 

The side benefit of doing this is when the network goes down (which it only 
does when it is very inconvenient for you), you still have your files and can 
continue working. 



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Apparently, my imprecise language for describing my problem with 650-page is 
causing some confusion. Here's a clarification. 

I am talking about one Frame book that contains multiple frame files. 

This book contains 650-pages, which I convert into one PDF. 

This Frame book is on a network. 

There are no OLEs, only graphics. These graphics are imported by reference. 

Here are my system specs: 
Windows XP Professional 
Intel Core Duo CPU 
2 gigs of RAM 


Joseph Lorenzin 

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