Hi all,
  I've seen numerous emails concerning FMKR 8 and 9.  Please don't laugh, the 
company provided FMKR 7.

I am having trouble with creating a simple PDF file.  I have uninstalled FMKR 7 
and Acrobat Distiller instance 5.0 and reinstalled both files today (Wednesday, 
2/4/09. ) Rebooted from the restart.   This did not fix the problem. 

I used the Save As and selected PDF, got the normal setup windows, clicked on 
Then, I get a message saying that 
"FrameMaker could not find Acrobat Distiller printer instance, which must be 
installed to execute Save as PDF command."

I have had IT look this over, and it appears that FMKR 7 and Acrobat Distiller 
instance 5.0 are correctly installed. 

Any help will be much appreciated. 

Compaq6910p 3G RAM


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