Kristen Abbott wrote: 

> I have a document with bug numbers entered as index entries. (I could
> use a custom marker type, but the same question applies...)
> Can I change the sort order of an index to list the page number of the
> index (or custom marker) entry FIRST, instead of the actual entry
> I have tried various things on the Reference page for the IOM file to
> avail. Namely, I've tried inserting the <$pagenum> system variable in
> different places in the *ActiveIOM field, the *SortOrderIOM field, and
> the Level1IOM field. Nothing has made the tiniest difference.

If it's in page number order, it isn't an index, it's a list. :-)

Use a custom marker type. Then, instead of creating an IOM (index of
markers), create an LOM (list of markers). 

When you first create it, the page numbers will be on the right. In the
ref page LOM spec, change the relevant pgfs so that <$pagenum> is at the

Sorry I can't be more specific -- I don't have FM running right now, and
it's been a while since I made an LOM. 


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