By removing the ImportFormatsSpecial.dll and .ini from /fminit/Plugins
directory I was able to duplicate the issue Verner had and that Richard's
test confirmed.

I then made two test files which I saved as MIF files: one importing
Document Properties with FrameMaker's native import formats function; the
other with Rick Quattro's ImportFormatSpecial plug-in, and then compared the
resulting files.

The native FrameMaker import function apparently has a bug that adds a
<TFSideheads Yes> tag to the <TextFlow section, which causes the sidehead to
be imported along with Document Properties. This bug is "fixed" in Rick's
plug-in. (And Rick, please feel free to send me commissions on the avalanche
of ImportFormatSpecial orders you receive.)

The relevant sections from the MIF files follow.

Import Document Properties with ImportFormatSpecial:

 <TFTag `A'>
 <TFAutoConnect Yes>
 > # end of Notes

Import Document Properties with native FrameMaker Import Formats function:

 <TFTag `A'>
 <TFAutoConnect Yes>
 <TFSideheads Yes>
 > # end of Notes

Baruch Brodersen

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Baruch Brodersen wrote:

> My test showed no effect on column layout (i.e., sideheads) by
> any
> or all Document Properties formats. Importing Page Layouts however,

Column layout and room for side heads are two different issues.

I did some testing, too. I opened an index file, which has a two-column
layout with no room for side heads. I selected File > Import > Formats.
In the dialog, I made sure Document Properties was the only item
selected, and then I imported from a chapter file, which has a
one-column layout with room for side heads. 

The index file retained its two-column layout, but room for side heads
became turned on. Interestingly, the master pages were unchanged --
their text frames still did not have room for side heads. But the main
body flow did, confirming that room for side heads is a flow property,
not a text frame property. 

I reverted to saved and repeated the experiment, this time importing
only Page Layouts. Except for the first page (which uses a custom
master page unique to my index files), the index file lost its
two-column layout. But room for side heads did _not_ turn on. The
default master pages were replaced by the single-column ones from the
chapter file, and they had room for side heads turned on. But the main
body flow did not.


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